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Books on Japan: Law


International Business Publications USA, Japan Business Law Handbook, Intl Business Pubns USA, 2002. 「日本ビジネス法律ハンドブック」



Haig Oghigian, Law of Commerce in Japan: A Collection of Introductory Essays, Prentice Hall Trade, 1993. 「日本における商事法-入門エッセイ」



Mark D. West, Law in Everyday Japan: Sex, Sumo, Suicide, and Statutes, University of Chicago Press, 2005. 「日本における日常生活の法律-セックス、相撲、自殺と成文法」



Kenneth L. Port, Gerald Paul McAlinn, Comparative Law: Law and the Legal Process in Japan, Carolina Academic Press, 2003. 「比較法-日本における法律と法律手続き」



Luke Nottage, Nottage, Product Safety and Liability Law in Japan: From Minamata to Mad Cows, Routledge/Curzon, 2002. 「日本における製品安全と製造物責任法-水俣から狂牛病まで」



Larry Cata Backer, Comparative Corporate Law: United States, European Union, China and Japan: Cases and Materials (Law Casebook Series), Carolina Academic Press, 2002. 「比較会社法-アメリカ合衆国、ヨーロッパ連合、中国と日本-事例と資料」



Mitsuo Matsushita, International Trade and Competition Law in Japan (Modern Japanese Law), Oxford University Press, 1993. 「日本における国際貿易と競争に関する法律」



Japan Ministry of Finance, Guide to Economic Laws of Japan - Volume 2: (Japan Studies: Studies in Japanese History and Civilization), University Publications of America, 1979. 「日本経済法案内」



Masatami Otsuka, Ichiro Otsuka, Eiichiro Nakatani, Tax Law in Japan, Kluwer Law Intl, 2000. 「日本の税法」



The Waste Management Research Group, Recent Changes in Environmental Laws and Regulations in Japan: A Strategic Entry Report, 1999 (Strategic Planning Series), Icon Group International, Inc., 1999. 「日本における環境法令の最近の変化-戦略的参入レポート」



Tadashi A. Hanami, Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Japan, Kluwer Law Intl, 1985. 「日本における労働法と労使関係」




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