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Civil Code (Japan)


[English Translation of the Content and Articles 731, 733, 776, 793 and 900]




Part Four            Family


              Chapter One                    General Provisions


              Chapter Two                     Matrimony

                            Section 1             Formation of Marriage

                                          Subsection 1        Requisites for Marriage


                            Article 731

A man shall be 18 or older and a woman shall be 16 or older for marriage.


              Article 733

(1)   No woman shall be entitled to marry again until 6 months after the date of termination or cancellation of the previous marriage.

(2)   If a woman was pregnant at the date of termination or cancellation of her previous marriage, the provisions of the previous paragraph shall not apply after the date of parturition.


                                          Subsection 2        Marriage Invalidity and Cancellation

                            Section 2             Effect of Marriage

                            Section 3             Matrimonial Property System

                                          Subsection 1        General Provisions

                                          Subsection 2        Statutory Property System

                            Section 4             Divorce

                                          Subsection 1        Divorce by Agreement

                                          Subsection 2        Judicial Divorce


              Chapter Three                  Parent and Child

                            Section 1             Child by Birth


                            Article 776

If a husband accepts a child as his legitimate child after the birth, he shall lose his right to deny such legitimacy.


                            Section 2             Adoption

                                          Subsection 1        Requisites for Adoption


                            Article 793

              No one may adopt any of his/her ancestors or older persons.


                                          Subsection 2        Adoption Invalidity and Cancellation

                                          Subsection 3        Effect of Adoption

                                          Subsection 4        Termination of Adoptive Relationship

                                          Subsection 5        Special Adoption


              Chapter Four                    Parental Power

                            Section 1             General Provisions

                            Section 2             Effect of Parental Power

                            Section 3             Loss of Parental Power


              Chapter Five                     Guardianship

                            Section 1             Commencement of Guardianship

                            Section 2             Organ of Guardianship

                                          Subsection 1        Guardian

                                          Subsection 2        Supervisor of Guardian

                            Section 3             Guardianship Affairs

                            Section 4             Termination of Guardianship


              Chapter Five-Two             Curatorship and Assistance

              Chapter Six                       Support by Family


Part Five             Inheritance


              Chapter One                     General Provisions

              Chapter Two                     Inheritor


              Chapter Three                  Effect of Inheritance

                            Section 1             General Provisions

                            Section 2             Shares in Succession


                            Article 900

If there are a number of inheritors of the same rank, their shares in succession shall be as follows:

1.      If the inheritors are the children and the spouse, the children and the spouse shall have a half portion each.

2.      If the inheritors are the spouse and the direct ancestors, the spouse shall have two thirds and the direct ancestors shall have one third of the succession.

3.      If the inheritors are the spouse and the brothers and/or sisters, the spouse shall have three quarters and the brothers and/or sisters shall have one quarter of the succession.

4.      If there are a number of children, direct ancestors or brothers and/or sisters, their share in succession shall be equally divided among them.  However, the share of an illegitimate child shall be a half of that of a legitimate child, while the share of a brother or sister having only one parent in common shall be a half of that of a brother or sister having both parents in common.


                            Section 3             Partition of Estate


              Chapter Four                    Acceptance and Renunciation of Succession

                            Section 1             General Provisions

                            Section 2             Acceptance

                                          Subsection 1        Absolute Acceptance

                                          Subsection 2        Qualified Acceptance

                            Section 3             Renunciation


              Chapter Five                     Separation of Property

              Chapter Six                       Non existence of Inheritor


              Chapter Seven                  Testament

                            Section 1             General Provisions

                            Section 2             Formalities of Testament

                                          Subsection 1        Common Form

                                          Subsection 2        Special Form

                            Section 3             Effect of Testament

                            Section 4             Execution of Will

                            Section 5             Revocation of Will


              Chapter Eight                   Legally Secured Portion of Inheritor


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