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Swiss Private Bank Account Opening


A Swiss Bank – especially a Swiss Private Bank – is not what an ordinary bank is expected to be.  If you have an account with a Swiss Private Bank, the bank will invest your money in the name of the bank itself (but in behalf of you, of course).  Accordingly, if it is invested worldwide in stocks, bonds, mutual funds or hedge funds, nobody but the bank knows you are the beneficiary owner of those investments.  Your identity is strictly protected under the famous Swiss Banking Law.


The idea of anonymity is extremely important for international tax planning.  That is the reason that even when purchasing in their national market some people choose to purchase securities, mutual funds or hedge funds through the Swiss Bank to keep themselves anonym.


However, Swiss Bank Accounts are not available for everyone.  It is usually very difficult for gone-shot customersh to open a Swiss Bank Account, as the banks fear their efforts to keep customerfs anonymity or confidentiality will be abused. They select the prospected customers carefully through the examination process. 


Our job as a Swiss Bank Agent is to smooth such process for the people wishing to have a Swiss Bank Account.  Before examination by the Bank, the prospected customer is required to see a Private Banker.@As a Swiss Private Banking Agent, we can introduce you to most prestigious Swiss Bankers as a good customer worth taking their time to meet.  You can see them in Switzerland, England, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Luxembourg, Monaco, Guernsey, Jersey, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Argentina or the United States of America, etc.  If you are in such regions or can travel to one of these regions to see the Private Banker, you can enjoy our free introduction services.  In addition, even if you are not in one of those countries and cannot travel, we will be able to have a Swiss Private Banker fly to you if your initial investment is considered to be large enough for such travel.


After the meeting with the Private Banker, you can accept or refuse the bank any time even if the bank has determined to accept your account opening.  The minimum balance required is 200,000 USD or equivalent in other currencies.  We do not accept any customers offering additional profits or commission in any way.  To keep our credibility, our business is maintained strictly within the commissions from the bank.  We are not seeking for any extra or additional profits with regard to private banking related services.


For inquiry, gnameh, gaddressh and gtelephone numberh are required.  In accordance with Swiss Banking Law, your personal information is kept strictly confidential and, on the basis of our privacy policy, it will be carefully deleted from our database after your meeting with the Private Banker is arranged.  We do not use such information for any other purpose.

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“―Ž„l‹βs‰Ζ˜π–Κ——Žm‹βs–Ζ”οŠJ戶 [Swiss Bank Account Opening (in Chinese Simplified)]


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„O„†„†„Š„€„‚„~„„z „„„‚„u„ƒ„„ „„‚„€„„„y„r „†„€„~„t„p „L„y„‡„„„u„~„Š„„„u„z„~ -- „T „r„p„ƒ „u„ƒ„„„Ž „p„q„ƒ„€„|„„„„~„p„‘ „…„r„u„‚„u„~„~„€„ƒ„„„Ž „r „t„€„r„u„‚„u„~„~„€„} „|„y„ˆ„u, „{„€„„„€„‚„€„u „q„…„t„u„„ „…„„‚„p„r„|„‘„„„Ž „B„p„Š„y„}„y „p„{„„„y„r„p„}„y?

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